Bamboo - 2011

This was a tough winter on the bamboo, lots of leaves turned yellow, overall though they survived.Bamboo in michigan, winter, yellow leaves

cane break bamboo, winter, yellow leaves, cold climate

I'm still not sure exactly what type of bamboo i have. I think the small trees are Canebreak bamboo (the only native bamboo to the US) and the larger ones are Yellow Grove bamboo I'm only guessing from pictures i've seen. The Canebreak bamboo i got in Kentucky and the Yellow Grove i got in West Virginia.

I also have Moso bamboo that i grew from seeds i ordered online. After reading about the different types i've learned that as long as the roots stay above -10 degrees Fahrenheit they should still be alive in the spring.
bamboo in snow, cold, winter
In the summer i piled lots of grass over the root area and in the winter i made sure to pile lots of snow around the base of the trees to help insulate them.
snow bamboo, insulate roots, rhyzomes, hardy bamboo
Here's the shoots this year from the little Moso bamboo. This plant is only 1 year old and probably will never be very big. Down in Florida it could be 40 feet high and 6" in diameter. But here in Michigan it will never grow that size because of the cold winters.
animated gif, bamboo shoots, moso bamboo
I was happy with how well the Yellow Grove bamboo grew in 2010. I was really excited this year because of all of the roots i saw growing last year. This picture was taken early in the summer 2010.bamboo roots, rhyzomes, spreading, neighbor, summer, energy

Around Easter i noticed the new shoots coming up. Over 30 shoots from this one cluster of trees.
animated gif, bamboo shoots, sprouting, rhyzomes, buds

This is one of the bigger shoots, maybe 1/2" in diameter.
animated gif, bamboo shoots, grow fast
These pictures were taken over no more than 10 days. You can see the shoots on the left. They will grow sometimes over 8" on really warm days.

animated gif, bamboo shoots, fastest growing grass
One day i was outside and saw ants chewing on the bamboo. I sprayed some insecticide but this is what they looked like the next day.bamboo insect damage, ants, kill plant
Because of the heavy rains and ants, not every emerging shoot fully grew to trees but overall this has been the best year for the bamboo.

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