Huge Dork

Well it's official, i'm a huge dork. Last week there was a deal of 70% off and free shipping at Crocs.com. So i bought a pair of $50 "shoes" for $12. black crocs, crocks com, sale, deal, free shipping, paircrocs, RX, comfortable shoes, review, opinion, how to shrinkAll the people reviewing them online said they were great ... and they are.

They are a little difficult to wear at first and don't really fit like normal shoes. They are suppose to be loose on your feet to prevent pressure points however they always feel like they are going to fall off, but they don't.

Mine arrived way to big but i read online that you could throw them in the clothes dryer for 5 minutes, heating them up, and as they cooled they would shrink. So i did that and now they fit a lot better.

I realize that no matter how much i tell you how comfortable they are, it won't sway your opinion of my dorkyness. I wasn't planning on wearing them out in public but even in January i've worn them outside a few times.

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