Auto Show 2011

Here's some pictures from the 2011 Auto Show. Detroit International Auto Show, Cobo Hall
It wasn't too busy on a Friday at 2pm. You could pretty much sit in any car without waiting.
Best time to visit the Auto Show, Weekday, hours
These were definitely the coolest "cars" there. They had 2 wheels and a top speed of around 20 mph. Of course they won't ever be built and i would hate to be in a car accident when your entire body is 8" from the front.
2 wheeled electric cars, prototype, interesting, auto show
This was the inside dash of the Honda CR-Z. It suppose to be like 3 cars in 1, with buttons for Sport and Economy modes. It was definitely cool from the inside.
Honda CR-Z dashboard, CRZ, view from inside the car
The Fiat 500 is a very small car that is super popular in crowded European cities. It has more room and horsepower then it appears from the outside. I liked it.
Fiat 500, detroit auto show, small italian car
Now here are the super cars.

The Mercedes 300SL.
Mercedes 300SL, gull wing doors, red, detroit auto show
A glow in the dark version.
Mercedes 300SL, neon green, detroit auto show
The Tesla Roadster. This company hasn't actually made any money selling it's cars. But i think they are suppose to sell their lithium ion battery technology to Toyota or someone and become a very important part of future electric cars. Instead of one big heavy battery, they have over 4,000 "cell phone" type batteries in the trunk. In three years they say they will have an economic electric car for the average person.
Tesla Roadster, lithium ion battery, 4,000 batteries, consumer
The Audi R8 GT. This is a mid-engine V10 and cost around $260,00.
Audi R8 GT, V10 engine, small supercar, cost
Maserati GranTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo, detroit international auto show
This guy had obviously been there for a while.
guy sleeping at the auto show

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