Dirt in the Driveway

I had 6 yards of 50/50 - topsoil/compost mix delivered for my garden this year. I also had 1 yard of sand for my new underground gutter drain pipes which i'm only half done with.
The total cost was $200. $50 of that was for delivery.
It doesn't look like a lot but it was; 7 yards of dirt turned into 72 wheelbarrow loads to the backyard.
5, 6,7 yards of dirt delivered to the driveway, sand, topsoil
wheelbarrow loads of dirt from the drivway to the yard


Beth said...

Looks like alot of work, does your back hurt?

Mimi said...

This was very helpful because no matter how much I measure, I can't figure out how much I will need. The pictures really make the difference.