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This free website creates cool layout pictures depending on how often a words appears. Just paste a bunch of text in and it creates it all for you. For example here's the text from what i wrote about the car crashing on the highway after the super bowl. From the text size i must have used car, roof and side a lot.
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Replay Media Catcher
Anything you see or hear on your computer, this will download. It will save youtube videos or embedded flash movies. Lets say there is a picture or video that the web page won't let you copy and save. This program will save everything that is being seen on that page. It's not worth buying but if you can find it "free" then it's worth having.
Helps you get back at the Man who's trying to keep you down.
replay media catcher screenshot, download any video

Play all your favorite Nintendo games online, no downloading necessary.

top 10 list
And here's my favorite game of all time
, Zelda.
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