You heard it here first ...the Camera Toss

Can you tell how i took this picture?
how to do the camera toss, take picture in the air, looking up
No it wasn't someone up in a tree. I took it myself.

That's right i threw the camera up in the air. I am telling you right now that within 1 year this is going to be the next coolest thing. In fact it already is super cool but no one knows about it, or is willing or coordinated enough to throw up their $150 digital camera and catch it.
It does take some practice, setting the 2 second delay, and getting the right spinning toss to get the picture. But do it right and it turns out great.

Clearly i was more concerned with not dropping the camera on the pavement and less concerned that i looked like a moron.
camera toss, throw camera up in the air
None of the pictures i tried in West Virginia turned out all that well because it was always cloudy and snowing. I'm gonna try it on a clear sunny day and see if it turns out any better. But just remember: 8 months from now when you hear someone say "Hey there's this cool new thing where you throw your camera up in the air and take an awesome picture." You better say "Oh ya my friend Dave told me about that a LONG time ago, cause he's cool like that."
how to, time delay, camera toss, picture looking down
cool camera toss, blurry, picture looking up, throw camera in air

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