Also on the trip to Onaway we stayed at my friend Laura's aunt and uncle's house. They lived on a farm and had a bunch of cows. While there i saw this cat that came out of the barn and was really friendly. There was something like 20 or more cats living in the barn but this was the tiniest. He was pretty skinny, we saw him eating old Triskets out of the box. So i kind of took him. His hobbies include eating, sleeping and drinking out of the toilets.

3 days later i got called and had to leave for West Virginia for work so i left him with my parents. When i got home 3 weeks later he was a lot fatter and energetic. And i decided to name him Charlie and teach him to kill the squirrels and rabbits in my back yard. I told him that for every squirrel he kills he can have his choice of canned food: Mariner's Catch, Sea Captain's Choice, or Turkey and Giblets. He likes those giblets.

Here he is sleeping on the ride home.
new kitten, barn cat, tiny
new kitten at his new home, barn cat, little
kitten loves to eat, canned food
cat, kitten asleep on couch

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Unknown said...

Jack can't wait to meet Charlie when we come visit. You may have to bring him to M&D's house if you decide to crash there for a night.