Michigan to Arizona - part 2

From Nashville we headed to Texas to stay with our old roommate from MSU, Josh. It was basically either driving:driving cross country, USA, michigan to arizona
or not driving:
sleeping in the car ride, trip, vacation
One thing i learned from this trip...Texas is Big.
There are miles and miles of roads that look exactly like this.
texas is big, typical road
Then in New Mexico we went into some stores selling Mexican blankets and unusual "Action Figures???" With removable stone tablets and "gliding action"
jesus action figure, moses, ten commandments, toy
It took almost a whole day to drive across that state but we finally made it to Phoenix. Where upon trying to unload the bike, i broke the throttle cable. I had gone 0.00 miles and already had something break. The cable rusted and snapped in the tube. I was actually really lucky it happened there as opposed to the middle of nowhere. We had the closest shop order a new cable and overnight it.broken throttle cable, motorcycle
Here's some other pictures from that part of the trip:

Then ready or not i was on my way back to Michigan...

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Unknown said...

So should we be expecting the Jesus and Moses action figures in our stocking this year?