Worst Motel Ever

Usually while out of town we stay at some pretty nice hotels. But as we left New York and drove to Pennsylvania we hadn't booked a room and the place we ended up staying on July 3rd was here. Looks ok right?worst motel ever, maplehurst motel, pennsylvania
Wrong. This was the worst motel i ever stayed in. We stopped working around 8pm so there was nowhere else in town to go. In the parking lot was this toad. If he could have talked i know he would have warned us to not go in
toad in parkinglot, brown, tan
dirty motel, dirty sheets, motel roomNotice the lack of headboard and the light bulb just hanging from the ceiling but at least there was a car air freshener hanging on the wall.
My bed only had one sheet on it at first. So i went to the front desk and asked the owner for an extra sheet. The owner was from India and there was a bit of a language barrier. After a five minute conversation he finally said "ohh bed sheet, yes yes" and gave me two new ones. I say new ones but one of them had this miscellaneous stain on it. I ended up not using the bloody sheet he gave me. At least i think it was blood...stain on sheets, motel room, nasty motel
Oh and the walls were covered in some kids scribbling with a crayon.
worst motel ever, crayon on walls, pennsylvania, maplehurst

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