After leaving New York we headed to Pennsylvania for 3 days.
ya ya more horses

One cool thing was that as i was walking i kept finding wild strawberries and blackberries. They were great when it was almost noon and i hadn't eaten lunch yet.wild strawberries, pennsylvania, by the side of the roadblackerries in pennsylvania, wild blackberries, bush, juicy
This is where you send your son if you want him to hate you.camp choconut for boys, weird sign, pennsylvania
I almost stepped on this salamander, he was scurrying around by the side of the road.
orange salamander, what is it, pennsylvania, cold weather, northern ussalamander
I had to do a double take when i first saw the sign funny sign, kidds butchering
We drove by here, Gay's Hardware was actually a super busy placegays true value hardwar, gay, pennsylvania
neverending train tracks, train tracks, horizon vanishing point
sun on spider web, rocky wall
church steepel, cross, weather vane, blue sky

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