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I have lots of tools in the workshop, but sometimes you don't know how much you need a tool until you use something new.  One case of that is a small 90 degree square.  Not a big framing square and not a metal speed square, but a small wood square to quickly check corners as you are working.

Speed Squares
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Framing Square and Drywall 'T'
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So i decided to make one out of wood.  This time instead of using a cheap piece of pine, I used a nice piece of oak that i had since building my TV stand.
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Rough Cut
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Ripped the 3/4" oak in half to for the part extends out and left it full width at the handle.  I figured that the best way of securing it to the handle would be to use the table saw to cut a groove in the top of the handle.  For that i needed to use the small table saw sled that i made earlier in the year.

I plan on doing a write-up of the sled later on.
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Pieces Fit Together
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I also used a wood block as a brace to hold the board vertically.  With it clamped in, i used the table saw to remove the bulk of the groove in the handle.  The remainder i removed with a wood rasp.

Next i glued the extension board to the handle with wood glue.  As it was setting up i checked the 90 degree angle several times, then rubbed sawdust into the glue to fill the gaps.  And clamped it all together so that it wouldn't move.

I sanded everything down with sand paper and rounded over the sharp edges and rounded over some of the corners.  I used the big homemade disc sander to flatten out the handle and made everything flush with each other.
diy disc sander, disk, sander 10" 12" sander

I added cherry stain and then instead of polyurethane i decided to use wax.  After the wax dried i wiped it and added a second coat.

I wanted to make a simple tool that does 1 job and does that 1 job well.  It turned out to be a neat little project and a tool that i hope to have for a long time.

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