1 Million Views - All Time on Blogger

Well apparently my humble little blog has reached 1,000,000 total page views. 
1 million blogger stats, views

I've written about some milestones before:

Half a Million Views
300th Blog Post

Not much has changed since writing those.  Some things that have changed along the way are that i've slowed down a bit.  For a while i was writing, taking pictures, and publishing a new blog post every 2 days.  Now i'm lucky if i post something every 2 weeks.  The viewers to the blog really took off around 2011- 2012 when i started getting interested in SEO.  That's back when i had lots of time to devote to learning about how the Google search engine work, how to increase viewers, how to get your pages higher up on the search results, and how to make a little bit of money from ads. 

Another thing that's changed is that i've focused more on Youtube and the video aspect.  Before when i worked on a project i would take lots of pictures and only very rarely record a video.  However when i wanted to upload a video of something i built, i didn't have anything.  I tried making a hybrid video using transitioning photos, but it wasn't very good.  Everything seemed to change when i built my third storage shelf.  Since i had already built 2 previous shelf's i figured that it wouldn't be very helpful to anyone if i just took the same pictures for a third time.  So i tried recording a video and explaining all the steps it took to build the shelf.  It was very weird at first having to stand in my basement and talk to a camera about how i was going to cut a board, or why i built something a certain way.  It took me several attempts to record just a simple 20 second clip. 

Storage Shelf - Cheap and Easy Build Plans

But after i recorded everything, edited it together and uploaded it to Youtube, it became my most popular video.  And it still is today.  Not only in terms of views, but also in the amount of money i make from it.  At the time of this post it is up to 78,000 views.

That's when i realized the potential of Youtube and started devoting more time to recording video's of projects i built.  Since then i've done several more of those types of video's.  I still think it's kind of corny and weird recording myself while i'm fixing a clothes dryer or cleaning out air ducts.  But it seems like the more corny you act and talk in a video, the more popular it is.

But as far as the blog is concerned, my favorite posts have stayed pretty much the same.  I still think that 2,600 Miles on a Honda is my favorite post(s).  Also i haven't changed my mind about what the favorite pictures i've taken along the way.
the bean, chicago

sleeping bear dunes, michigan

homemade nd filter

trevi fountain, rome, italy

I'm still doing lots of projects at home that i plan to upload to the blog.  The only problem is time and motivation.  I don't have the time or motivation after a project is done.  It takes me about an hour to go through all the pictures and sort out my favorites, several hours to write everything down and what i did, 2+ hours going through all the recording and editing them into one concise video, then upload everything to Youtube and the blog.  Then after that if i want to get lots of viewers i still have to create a project, links, articles and run them for weeks in an SEO program.

But pretty soon i'll have to come up with a new streamlined system.  Just take a couple pictures, write a couple of quick sentences and press publish. 

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