Ribbon Rack - Part 2

Several months ago I made a wall-mounted ribbon rack for Karrie's new arts and crafts room.  She's been making a lot of hair bows and selling them to people at work and on Etsy.

Here's an example of some of the hair bows she's been making.  You can check out all her new designs at her Etsy Shop - Bowtique Glam.
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She has been making them in her new arts and crafts room we made a few months back.  Here's a link to the arts and crafts room, a wall shelf, desk, cabinets and a ribbon rack.  

As you can see from this picture, she gets a lot of use out of it.
arts and crafts room, messy, bow, wall mount, bow organizer

But I guess a ribbon rack is kind of like a garage, no matter how large of one you have, you seem to be able to fill it up.  So that meant that I had to build second ribbon rack to hold all of her spools. 

Here's a video i posted on Youtube where i go through and explain how i built the first ribbon rack.

The great part about building something a second time is that it's much quicker and much easier.  The first time I built the ribbon rack I had to determine how big I was going to make it, how many spools it was going to hold, what materials I was going to use and what would be the overall shape.  Then there are the tricky things like how I would mount it to the wall and adding a gap so that different spools wouldn't jam when they were removed.  

This time I didn't have to do any of that thinking because it was already done.  I just went upstairs and read measured the one I already built.  I either threw a way or just misplaced the template I used for the side cutouts, so I had to make that paper template second time.  But once again that was really easy, I just held up a piece of paper to the side and traced it out.  Whereas the first ribbon rack took me a couple of weeks to make, the second one took me just three days.  It actually only took a couple hours but I had to wait in between the spackling of the corners and then waiting for the paint and polyurethane to dry.

I ended up building it exactly the same way as before, using 1"x6" pine boards and wood dowels.  I thought i was all done and was about to mount it to the wall I realized that the finish on the wood didn't look the same.  That's when I realized that for the first ribbon rack I did two coats of white paint and then two coats of polyurethane.  I had forgotten to do the polyurethane.  So I took it back downstairs and that took 2 more days of brushing on the polyurethane and waiting for
it to dry.
ribbon rack, wall mount

But when it was all done and I hung on the wall like before, hiding the screws in a counter sunk hole behind the dowels, it looked great.   Hopefully this will give Karrie a little bit more space on her arts and crafts table to work.

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