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Well I decided to build another heavy duty shelf for my basement. This was the third one that I built in the past two years. The first shelf I made was for the garage.  That held all of the junk we had lying around.
shelf for garage, how to build a garage shelf, cheap
Garage Shelf Build

The second shelf I built was a little bit shorter and that was to hold all of my wood in the basement.
how to build a basement shelf, organize, wood, 2x4
Basement Shelf Build

For those two projects I took lots of pictures to show how everything was built.  So if you want to see all the individual pictures then click on the 2 links above.  But this time I decided to try and do a video instead.  Lately i've been making more video's that i can put up on Youtube.  I'm still terrible at recording stuff with my camera, taking pictures is a lot easier.  So I recorded short clips as I was going along and eddited them together. I tried to show the different wood that I used as well as the type of screws.  Also it was important this time for the shelves to be tall enough to fit 16" and 18" totes, so i staggered the spacing of the shelves.  They aren't all the same height from one another.

I wanted to also make it clear about why I used a certain type of 2 x 4 joint that would hold the shelves up. And why I thought that joint was stronger than a typical boxed joint which would attach to the upright legs.  I had lots of questions and comments from my last 2 blog posts about the joint.

The final thing I wanted to show was the patterns, this time I actually remembered to keep them from the second shelf I built, instead of throwing them out.

So like I said I don't have a lot of pictures this time but rather one full length video which shows every step of the way. I know I didn't do a great job of explaining everything, I'm used to just taking loads of pictures and trying to make sense of it all afterwards in this blog.  With video you have to have an idea of where you are going and film it along the way.

Storage Shelf - Cheap and Easy Build Plans


All 3 of the shelves i built are basically the same. They are all made from OSB and 2x4's. They are all 8' long and between 7' and 8' tall.  And like I always say, the more you build something the faster you get. For this shelf I could've built in just a couple hours, if it had not been for having to record the steps on the video. The first shelf I did took a few days.


Unknown said...

Great video. I think you captured it well. I am planning to try you design this weekend. thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for some good instructions on some shelving in my rented garage. This free standing unit is great man. Thanks for the idea!

Eric said...

Great instructions
Just finished insulating and lining the shed
Now with the help of this blog
I am doing the shelves

Unknown said...

Hey Dave,

Awesome job again on the vids and all the care etc with the explanations, templates - cheers!

So I decided against making them 11 feet tall (not sure if you recall another post I had recently on this topic).

I do however want to leave a considerable space for my compressor, hockey bags etc (taller items and tools). This would mean that my first shelf would not be until 45 inches up. I was planning to secure some extra 2x4x4s (my shelves are only 4 feet wide) on the back to further brace it.

Any other guidance to ensure structural integrity?

Thanks in advance!


Notitlerequired said...

Ya like i said in the other post, maybe nail two of the 2x4 legs together or else everything might be very wobbly, especially with 45" to the first shelf.

Unknown said...

I tried to get plans and templates.No luck. Are they available in simple PDF files?

Notitlerequired said...
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Notitlerequired said...


More info and PDF's here: