Hair Bows on Etsy

A few weeks ago Karrie created an Etsy page where she is trying to sell her homemade hair bows.  Here's her homepage with the hair bows she is selling.  As of today she only has this one listing for some hair bows that look like this:
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But eventually she is planning on having a bunch of different listings on that homepage so that people can choose between different styles.  The only bad thing is that right now we are real busy with everything else that we don't have a lot of time to work on it.  Her job is to make the bows and i'm in charge of trying to get the internet traffic to her Etsy page.  Right now i'm focusing on Pinterest and it seems to be working well.
cute homemade hair bow for sale, etsy hair bow

Here's a quick video i made and put it on Youtube to try and get some more traffic to her Etsy site.

Homemade Hair Bow


We even had Kyla model some before she left for California.
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We are just starting out and are seeing how it goes.  Like i said, eventually there should be several different listings on that homepage with all different types of bows that she makes.
cheap homemade hair bows, USA

Right now the bows are for sale for $6 each plus shipping.  There are lots of other bows for sale on Etsy for something like $18, but it seems like a lot of people selling stuff there are almost a "business".  We just need to get more listings and more followers, then who knows.

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Looks like the ribbon rack that i made for her arts and crafts room is going to get a lot of use.
hair bow, ribbon rack, arts and crafts

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