Art Prize - Grand Rapids

About a month ago Karrie and I went to visit Katie and John.  On the Saturday we were down there we drove to downtown Grand Rapids for the 2013 Art Prize.  The whole Art Prize area was spread over the entire city.  As you can see from this picture there were lots of people.  And this was just one of the areas which had groups of people.
grand rapids art prize crowd, 2014, 2015, location

To sum everything up I would say that lots of the art exhibits were kind of boring but a few of them were really cool.  To each his own i guess.

Here's a picture of my favorite one.  It's called Earth Giant and it ended ended up taking sixth place overall.  He was down by the Grand River and it looked like he was made out of concrete and straw.
art prize earth giant, best sculpture

Outside of the Gerald R. Ford Museum also had thousands of people.
gerald r ford museum, grand rapids, river, art

This thing was really cool it was a giant fire-breathing dragon.  It was made out of old car parts and looks like it could probably move around.  This was probably the largest thing we saw that day.
dragon sculpture, art prize

When we were inside of the museum there a few cool paintings that people had done.  One of them was this giant mural really use layers and layers of paint.  It looked very surreal and had lots of depth.
depth of mural, layers of paint

This was a pencil sketch that someone had done.  It must've taken hours and hours and had a real 3-D kind of look.  It didn't win anything but people really liked it.
3d pencil sketch, art, most detailed painting

Here is the view of the grand River as we crossed it.  The river itself was a lot shallower than I thought it would be. 
peace river, stone, grand river

Here's another cool thing that someone had done.  It's called Tired Pandas and ended up getting 10th place.  The meaning behind the name tired is because the panda's are made out of old car and bike tires.
tired pandas, art prize, grand rapids, 2014

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