White Box Wall Mounted Shelf

Karrie had been asking for a while if i could build her this type of cube wall shelf.  She wanted to put it in the spare bedroom, which she was planning to make into an arts and crafts area.  I bought the wood and roughly cut it several months ago, but since then it was just sitting in the basement.  So a few weeks ago when Karrie and I went to John and Katie's house I took the wood with me.  John helped me redraw plans so that it would all fit together. 
simple wall shelf, box shelf, craft

Here was one of the original drawings John helped me with. 
plans to make a wall shelf, ikea shelf, simple wood

Then we used his table saw to cut the boards square so that it all fit together perfectly.  When i originally cut the boards with my circular saw nothing was square or even.  When we got back home I assembled the shelf using glue and my new nail gun.  Then I filled in any gaps with spackle and painted it with two coats of white primer paint.

wood cube shelf, walls mount shelf plans, build, make

The shelf is meant to hang on the wall.  We haven't hung it up in the spare bedroom yet because Karrie wants to make the craft area first.  We're not sure exactly where the shelf is going to go.  First we have to build a small craft table then we will hang the shelf.

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