Backyard Vegetable Garden - 2012

Here's another blog post that i should have published back in 2012.  This was back when i had more time on my hands and hopes that i could grow plants in my garden.  Unfortunately i learned that there isn't enough sun light to grow the majority of plants.  Only things like beans and peppers grow in the shade. 

This coming fall Karrie and i plan on cutting a lot of branches from the main tree, not to grow anything in the garden, mainly so that the pool next year will get more sun light.

But back in 2012 i got out the roto-tiller and it did a great job to soften up the soil.  
rototill garden, how to plant, grow, seed

Actually before i use the tiller, Karrie came over and pulled more than a garbage can full of weeds that grew.  Then i was able to dig the rows.  I think i ended up planting tomato's,4 types of peppers, some of the seeds i sent back from Italy, beens, corn, onion, etc.
till rows in garden, spacing, how to, size

Then i took the mulch from the compost bin and spread it over the whole area.
mulch garden, how to grow the best plants, what mulch to use

Karrie brought home 3 tomato plants from her work, so i planted them in the sunniest part of the garden.
tomato plant, celeb,  sprout, seed, mulch

Surprisingly the onions were already growing from the year before.  I just had to clean off the dirt from on top of them.
onion growing, garden, cat, how to grow onion, bulb

Then like i said nothing ended up growing because of insufficient sun light.  Although i did plant some pumpkins at the other end of the yard.  There's no tree in the way there and one pumpkin did grow well.
green pumpking growing, pond, fence, roots

I doubt if i will even try next year to grow anything.  If i do it might just be corn, but i will plant it by the fence or in an area that gets lots more sun, otherwise there's no point in trying to grow it in the shade.  

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