400,000 Views On My Humble Blog

I noticed that i just reached 400,000 all time page views on the old blog.
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That's averaging just over 1,000 per day and more than 30,000 per month.

I won't repeat all the stats and my all time favorite pages again.  I already did that back with my 300th Blog Post.  There's also some of my favorite pictures and video's there, check it out.

But just a little bit of info.  Watch Free TV Online - Top 10 Free TV Links is still my #1 page. 
blogger, most popular pages, posts, stats
It is also still the page that makes me the most money through AdSense.  Although i have hit a bit of a plateau.  Not doing as much SEO work i'm still only averaging $3.50 per day.  Not too bad though, it's enough to get a $100 check every month from Google.

I have realized that i'm not posting as much as i used to.  It's become a bit of a chore.  I think it goes along with me not taking as many pictures as i used to.  

I'll probably do a lot more of these short quick posts and less of the long/in-depth posts that i had in the past.

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