Las Vegas Wedding

Back in December Karrie and I flew to Las Vegas because her cousin EJ was getting married.  We flew there on Spirit Airlines, later we vowed never to fly on Spirit again if we could help it.  They charged fees for everything, checked bags, carry-on bags and to pick our seats.

We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel which on the map looked like it was just off the main strip.  It really wasn't and let me just say, it isn't walking distance either.  The free shuttle stops for the night around 8PM so our walk to the strip at 9PM took about 40 minutes.  This is the view of the strip from the Hard Rock parking garage. 
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EJ and Heidi got married at one of the chapels between the strip and Freemont strip.  It was close to the space needle and also near where the show Pawn Stars is filmed.
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Afterwords we all walked around town.  This was when we were walking around the Freemont Street.  It was really cool there, everything was lit up.
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Here's Heidi spinning the big wheel.  Unfortunately i didn't win $1000 like last year.  But we all had fun.
free spin of the big wheel, slot machine, las vegas hotel, golden nugget

The last night we were back on the strip walking around.  First we went to see the Pirate show at Treasure Island.  Unfortunately it was closed for repairs for the month of December.  So we headed south and saw the fire breathing volcano in front of the Mirage.  Then we hurried down to the Bellagio to see the fountain.

This was Karrie sitting on the wall waiting for the fountain to start.
Bellagio fountain, belagio, balagio hotel casino, when, time

It was pretty cool but it didn't seem to last as long as normal, they were playing Christmas music too.
what time is the fountain show at the bellagio hotel casino las vegas

After the fountain we went drove to the airport and flew home.
bellagio fountain every 15 minutes, water fountain, las vegas

It was fun but a little cold at night.  It was around 45 or 50 degrees there in December.  It would have been a lot better if it were sunny and 80 degrees.

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