Another Tigers Game Homerun

During the regular season i got to go to a few Detroit Tigers baseball games at Comerica Park.  Karrie and I went in May and sat in left field.  That's when we were in Section 149 Row 1 and Miguel Cabrera hit a homerun just a few feet over our heads.  Here's the link to that day out in left field.

Then about a month ago i somehow got to see a game from one of the luxury boxes at the stadium.  It was from another company, who invited other coworkers.  Much like First-Class in an airplane, seeing a game from a luxury box is the way to go.  There are seats and tables where you can sit and watch the game.

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They also have a room that connects just to your section where we had food and drinks.  It also had a tv and a bathroom.
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We were allowed to stay there long after the game had ended and well after all the other fans had to leave.  It was great, but probably not worth the two to three thousand dollar cost.

Then at the end of September Karrie and i went to another game.  Before the baseball season began Karrie bought two sets of tickets. This time we sat in right field in row 5. 

Once again these were great seats and wouldn't you know it, we almost caught another homerun.  In fact we almost caught two.

The first homerun was early in the game when Jhonny Pieralta hit a homerun to right field and it landed about 4 feet in front of us.  We were in row 5 and the ball hit the empty seat in row 3.  After hitting the seat it bounced forward and someone near the front picked it up. Unfortunately they didn't show this on the ESPN highlights of the game.

The second near catch came later in the game from Prince Fielder.  He hit a ball that just carried over the fence.  Someone in the front row missed the catch and it bounced back onto the field.  That ball was actually about 20 feet away from us.  This homerun was on the highlights.  Although it's a little tough to make us out, i'm the one in the white baseball hat.
detroit tigers cabrera homerun fielder miguel prince right field game

It was a great game and somewhat significant.  Miguel Cabrera had 2 homeruns, his 39th and 40th, the latter being a grand slam.  This is the first season he's had over 40 homeruns.  Also Prince Fielder got his 100th RBI.  I think Cabrera hit a homerun in every game i was at in Comerica Park this year.  Probably the reason why he won the Triple Crown.

Here's a link to the highlights of the game on ESPN.

EDIT:  Apparently the link above doesn't work anymore.  It used to be highlights from that game.

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