Signature to Photos

I decided that i should put my name and the date on some of the photos i upload to the blog. The way that i did it was to sign a piece of paper about fifty times. (not the actual way i sign my name for important documents though)

Then i scanned that paper and decided what signature i liked the best and isolated it. In Photoshop i fixed any out of place pixels and upped the contrast so there was only black and white.

Then i used the dreaded magic want tool, selected the background and deleted it. That way the signature would be transparent instead of always having a white background.
Here is what it looked like when i was done. add signature to photo, scan, transparent background, paste, layerIf the photo is dark where i want to put the signature then after pasting it in i just select "invert colors" and the signature will be white or gray. how to add a signature to photo you took, photoshop, paint, scan, copy

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