More Drain Pipe

In mid September i installed yet another drainage pipe in my yard. This time however i used black corrugated plastic pipe instead of PVC. I should have used this stuff from the beginning. It's much easier to use, cheaper, can bend around corners and doesn't need additional fittings.
The new pipe is at the back of my house.
prepare to install drain from roof gutter downspout
I first dug a small trench
. This went a lot faster since i didn't hit tree roots like last time.dig trench near rain barrel, roof drain
Although i did have to dig up some potatoes in the process.
dug up potatoes, garden
I also unearthed my bamboo roots.
bamboo root, rhyzomes, dig, dirt
But i laid the pipe and backfilled the trench with grass clippings
. Then dumped dirt on top. Like before, i used grass clippings to try and allow the water to seep into the ground. If i just backfilled with the clay soil it would never drain.underdrain cap, filter, backyard, gutter
Although i did make sure to pack the pipe near the house with clay. That's the one area that i don't want the water to drain into the soil, because it would then leak into the basement.

This was easy compared to the other times. No 300 pound slabs of concrete to move and no tree roots to chop.
It took a couple hours to dig. final drain backyard, gutter, roof drain pipe

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