Working in the Snow

Last week for work i went to Michigan's upper peninsula and Wisconsin to survey cell phone towers. It reached record low temps in some areas and lots of snow. I also saw 5 bald eagles over the entire trip. Here's the 48 sites that we surveyed. There were 8 of us that went on the trip. map of michigan and wisconsin, cell phone tower locations
Crossing in to the U.P.
driving across the mackinac bridge, michigan, upper penninsula mackinaw bridge, tower, suspension bridge, cable
A view of a cell phone tower from one of the cable wires
cell phone tower, steel cable supports
I realized after the first day that the boots i usually wear to walk on the roads weren't going to cut it, even with the hotel's "boot" dryer.
diy boot dryer, hotel hair dryer, how to dry wet boots
I ended up spending more then i planned on a pair of really nice winter boots that said they were good to -94 degrees. Fortunately it didn't get that cold, it only got down to -20 degrees, a record low in the town in Wisconsin. The boots turned out to be really warm and comfortable.
Baffin Boots, super warm, comfortable in the snow, -94 degrees boot prints in winter snow, wisconsin, michigan
Dogs like following us through the snow and woods.
walking with a dog in the snow, sunny day metal and wood fence in a field of snow
There were lots of iced over trees. frozen trees, snow icicles, birch, winter, cold frozen forest, icicles on trees, snow covered snowy forest, trees in ice, winter nature
This was on some guys mailbox. sitting on a mailbox, funny mailbox
Wisconsin. They have cheese and food.
wisconsin, cheese, food, sign
A custom one of a kind truck door.
diy truck door, bolted on house door
And here's some other pictures from the trip.

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