Top Gear coming to America

It just came out that November 21st on the History Channel is the premier of Top Gear in America. It's a spin off of the very popular British show which talks all about cars.

Top Gear is that it's an awesomely funny show on the BBC, it's up to 17 seasons and has 350 million viewers per episode world wide.

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Some of my favorite episodes include things like:

  • Driving across Africa in a $500 car
  • Drive to the North Pole in a truck (the first people to ever do it)
  • Homemade electric car
  • Turning a car into a boat (the best out of the 3 they made is the one below, the TOYbOTA)
TOYbOTA, amphibious car, jeremy clakson, top gear challange
If you want to know the most economic Chevrolet for 2011, don't watch. But if you want the know whether the Maclaren F1 is faster than the Bugatti Veyron, or if you have $1000 and need to buy a car to drive across South America then this is the show for you.

The thing that makes the show so great is the 3 hosts. If the new hosts of the American Top Gear are even half as funny then it will be worth watching.


Anonymous said...

they aren't... not even one tenth as funny. the American one is shit.

Notitlerequired said...

The first season was definitely bad. They just straight up copied the exact format, ideas, jokes and challenges from the British version. But this new season, season 3, was a lot better. They did away with the format of having an audience and celebrity guests. Now they just jump right into new challenges.

I think that Top Gear US should do more truck challenges. That's something that people here in America care way more about then in Brittan. For example there was one episode back in season 8 i think where Jeremy asked the audience what was the top selling car. No one knew. Then when he said it was the Ford F-150, people didn't even know what that was.