IQ Light

IQ stands for Interlocking Quadrilaterals because it is made up of several of the exact same shape which lock together. There's a few different designs you can make with the same shape. The 30 piece light is the most common. They have kits you can buy but i just traced and cut out the shape out of old mylar plans that work was throwing out. Here's the shape of the pieces and what it should look like when you're done. IQ Light and Template Pattern 30 piece IQ light, Interlocking Quadralaterals A few of the possible shapes IQ Light Pattern, Shapes, number All 30 cut out how to make an IQ Light Layout Pieces
1st row

IQ Light, How to Put Together, Step 1 2nd row IQ Light How to Put Together Row IQ Light How to Put Together Steps Row 3 4th rowIQ Light How to Put Together Ikea All done, notice i have the youtube video on the tv in the background. I had to watch 2 different instructions a few times before i figured out how to put it together. The 30 piece was hard enough, i can't imagine putting the 120 piece light together. Finished IQ light put together 30 Piece Ikea like IQ light pattern to make

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