Trip Update

I'm still in Arizona but here are a couple of pictures from my trip so far. I'll be sure to post more when i get home in a week or so. As of right now i've walked the Las Vegas strip for a few days, went to a concert on Freemont Street in "old vegas" visited the Grand Canyon, and Sedona Arizona. Lots of walking.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Paris Hotel, fountain, strip
country music concert, las vegas, freemont street, luke bryant

Grand Canyon

grand canyon, dead tree view, color rocks
grand canyon, river, colorado, arizona, ridge

Sedona Arizona
sedona arizona, plateau, hiking trail
sedona arizona, red rocks, sights, vacation, landscape, view

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Unknown said...

Buy a cowboy hat like that, they aught to throw in a free bowl of soup. Looks good on you though. :)