Sync Bluetooth to iPad - Not Working

We had an issue where our bluetooth headphones would not connect with our iPad.  No only would they not connect, they wouldn't even show up on the 'Devices'

Bluetooth not Working on iPad - Won't Connect


So we did what everyone does, we looked on Google to find the answer.  Every single page and video we looked at had the same 12 dumb, generic solutions:

  • Turn the iPad off and on
  • "forget" the device
  • Update the software
  •  etc.

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We tried all of these and none worked.  In fact a lot of these didn't even apply, since our device wouldn't even show up in the list, it just said "searching", so there was no way we could "forget" it.
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I knew that the bluetooth headphones worked fine because i was able to connect to them with my Android phone.  With the headphones On i went into my phone settings and turned on bluetooth, the headphones would immediately show up in the list.  So i knew it was an issue with the iPad, not the headphones.
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After an hour or so we finally got it to work.  The trick was that we needed to HOLD DOWN the ON BUTTON on the headphones for SEVERAL SECONDS while the iPad was searching.  Unlike the Android phone where it would find the signal after it was on, the iPad had to be searching, then we had to hold the headphone On button for several seconds.  Not just turn it on, but hold it down for maybe 8 seconds, then it would appear and connect.
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I hope that if you have the same problem, this method helps.

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