Stud Wall Shelves - Built In

Built in Shelves - Stud Wall


This was a back closet room that was framed up for a sauna in our basement.
framing for sauna room

As you can see, i have lots of junk in my workshop that needs a place to go.
convert sauna to storage, workshop, basement

So i decided to see if i could leave the stud wall in place and add shelves to it.
simple shelves, shelving, stud wall, 2x4

By using 2x3's and 2x2's i was able to quickly and easily make a shelf centered on the studs.  Something to point out here though...the studs were not set right against the wall.  They were several inches off the wall to make room for the PVC sanitary pipe. 
2x4 framing, built in shelf, built in wall

Then using some scrap OSB the self was done.
simple wall shelf

And 16" on center 2x4's means that a 13" milk crate will fit perfectly.
milk crate shelf, wall shelf with milk crate

A few more shelves and a few more milk crates and the amount of storage was starting to add up.
milk crate storage, how to store things in milk crates

I left a little room to be able to reach in and see what's in the crates.
organize your workshop with milk crates

Time to build a lot more shelves.  These are 2x4's ripped in half.
strong stud wall shelves, wood

And this is all the scrap wood i was thinking of using.
scrap shelves, shelf boards, strength, osb, plywood

Just measure up from the previous shelf, then transfer the mark to 3 sides of the 2x4.
transfer line with speed square

This is all of the support boards predrilled and ready to be screwed in.
screw and predrill boards, why predrill

Coming along nicely.
milk crate shelves, shelving ideas

And the wall packed full.
basement shelf ideas, basement shelves, garage shelves, shelf

For the back wall i had to do something different.  I didn't have room to center the board on the 2x4, i had to cantilever it to the front.
cantilever shelf board, support board

So i cut some triangular pieces of OSB and screwed them in.
shelf for unfinished 2x4 wall

But this allowed me to get a few more milk crates up and out of the way.
organize basement, organize garage, save space, shelving, shelf

I'm really happy with how it turned out and how much storage space i got.  I never thought i would be able to store everything and have it easily accessible.  

The last thing will be to make labels, like in the last picture, with white hardboard and write down what's in all of the milk crates.

Transcript from Video:
if you're like me one of the biggest
issues you have been working in a
basement or garage workshop is running
out of space but we had this other room
and it was formed up I think for like a
sauna because it was all formed up but
there was walls and there's a drain in
it now we don't need a sauna room and I
was originally gonna tear down there
were there
studs put in here and I was originally
gonna tear them down and then I realized
16 inch on center studs means that a 13
inch wide milk crate fits perfectly in
there and I have a bunch of milk crates
don't I swear I got him but I have a
bunch of milk crates and they fit
perfect so I made some simple shelves
now I had some different ideas of how I
was gonna build the shelves originally I
was gonna have a BA a vertical board up
here and Ledger's or I was gonna run a
board all the way across and put the
shelves on that but then I realized if I
just ripped a 2x4 in half let me show
you if I just ripped a 2x4 in half and
cut it eight or ten inches long or
whatever two screws right into the stud
on either side and just took a piece of
OSB it couldn't be more simple
now these milk crates aren't that heavy
I have a couple heavy ones I have them
on the bottom sitting on the ground but
this holds it up no problem they fit
perfectly and when I first did this I
wasn't even sure if I was gonna use it
or liked it and I only built one row I
think I started with this row here and I
just built that and I'm like wow that
fits perfectly then I built another row
and I did a few more and then I went up
to the top so I didn't have any
intentions of building this whole room
the way I did I started with one or two
rows and then I realized hey I have all
these milk crates I could fill this
whole wall up and again I could have
made these shelves more complex with
boards coming off or a board running the
full width but I just felt this way was
simple and easy I could just cut a whole
bunch of these boards screw min and be
done I wouldn't have to mount anything
on the front or back or cantilevers and
anything to the ground this is just
simple and it works
eventually I'm going to make plates I
have all these pieces of white board I
cut and I'm going to mount them on the
front and label them kind of like how I
have I already have one labeled
electrical so I'll be able to come in
here and hopefully find everything I
need after I built it I was kind of
reminded back the old Mythbusters show
where they had that wall of big totes
and everything labeled it would be nice
to come in here and say okay wheels
right here here's all my wheels or come
in here again I have my electrical so it
would be nice to organize everything to
be able to find it that's the biggest
thing I found when we moved to the new
houses how many times I looked in
someone said oh I didn't even know I
have this I forgot I even had this weird
parts for a toilet I went out and bought
parts for a toilet Maria has already had
it I just couldn't find it so being able
to no one you haven't being able to find
it is huge let me show you a closer how
I built them all so here's a closer look
at the shelves themselves now one thing
to note is these studs were not right up
against the wall I had a lot of room in
the back which allowed me to Center the
boards on the middle if these boards
were right up against the back as like
these were I had to do shelves that
supports that stick out kind of
cantilevered shelves that held it up but
because these studs were off the wall
this distance I could Center that on
there and it was more balanced for when
I put the milk right on it's very solid
and stable if I had to have these
sticking out like this I would have had
to come up with a system more like this
where I cut triangles and they were
cantilever it out to support the shelves
but I was able to fit quite a few on
here some of these are different height
because there's a PVC plumbing pipe in
the back here that I had to cut out and
make room for I also have my reverse
osmosis water filter in there and
have all the filters so these are all
the filters for that in there more
filters filters but I've been able to
fit quite a few things in this little
room as long as they fit in the milk
crates I can fit them in here and I
could see okay here's all my electrical
stuff okay here's you know these will be
the hoses I'll be able to label
everything find everything I need
because as you can see right now it's a
complete mess okay here's all the stains
and rags old motors I kept the heavy
stuff on the bottom so I know this isn't
it's kind of a specific thing you're not
just gonna have a stud wall anywhere I'm
just like mine but I just found I didn't
know what I was gonna do how I'm gonna
go store all this stuff in that I
realize hey wait all the milk crates I
have fit perfectly in here just rip a
2x4 in half put some particle bore on it
and you have perfect shelving and
storage for all this stuff a room that's
packed full of stuff and it's not that
big of a room it's only six foot wide
but I'm able to keep a lot of stuff in
here at and it's not packed away it's
not like on this shelf here you know I
can't really even see what's back here I
can't find it I have to look for it here
everything is out in the open I can find
it immediately okay here's fittings and
cables and scrap wood and everything is
ready and I can get it immediately and
be able to see it and that's half the
battle is being able to remember what
you have and get to it when you need it
I hope it helps like I said organization
for me is a huge deal and especially
with this limited space that I have so I
hope it helps 

Phone Automatically Switch to Best WiFi Signal

How to - Phone WiFi Switch


If you live in a house with multiple WiFi signals you may have the same problem as me.  Your phone will not automatically switch to the strongest signal.  Whatever it connects to first, it will stay with until it loses signal, even if it is getting a stronger signal from another WiFi point.
automatically switch wifi signal, strongest signal

Above is my wireless modem, below is 1 of 2 wireless routers i have in another part of the house.
phone won't switch to strongest signal, wifi

It is possible to tell your phone to automatically switch, but it takes changing some settings and running an app.

Two apps that will do this are WiFly and WiFi Manager.  I already had WiFi Manager on my phone to monitor my WiFi signals.  
wifi manager, update, android, wifi switch

But in the settings there is an area where you can have it Switch to the Best Network.
wifi manager settings, switch, change

Automatically switching WiFi to the stronger signal.
wifi manager

The other program, Wi-Fly, is dedicated to this switch.  
wifly, wi-fly, wifly, strongest signal,

You tell it your network and it does the rest.
phone switch to strongest wifi signal

You must have your LOCATION turned ON.
turn on Location android phone

This will not work unless you have the Location turned on for your phone.
android phone location

A good thing is though that you only have to have your Battery Saving mode for Location turned on, not GPS.
phone location battery saver

This will mean that it won't use as much battery power.
phone settings

Transcript from Video:
well wouldn't it be great if the Wi-Fi
on your phone automatically switched to
the strongest signal at head well it
turns out it is possible and you might
already have the app on your phone to do
it now everybody's phone will
automatically switch Wi-Fi if you
completely lose signal and what I mean
by that is if you leave your house and
come back it connected to the strongest
signal that it recognizes and it
connects to it
but what I'm talking about is if you're
somebody like me that has two wireless
devices in your house I have a wireless
modem at one end and the wireless router
at the other end I could be right next
to the wireless router but if I'm
connected to that other device even
though I'm only getting one bar from
that and I could be getting full bars
from the other one it stays connected it
won't disconnect and connect to the
strongest signal but there is a way you
can do it so let me show you what you
need to do so the first thing is you
need an app that will automatically
switch to the strong signal and the two
bus that I found our Wi-Fi manager and
wife lie so let me first talk about the
app wife lie now this app is
specifically made for switching between
devices with the strongest signal and
all you have to do is set up your home
and all the devices you know and it will
automatically switch between them but
the trick is you must have location
turned on so if you go at the top of
your phone pull down in location which
is the thing you need to operate GPS
that must be on but the trick is you
don't need to have full GPS there's
three different settings for location
there's high accuracy which uses Wi-Fi
and GPS there's battery savings which
just uses the Wi-Fi and then there's
phone which uses just the GPS for this
to switch to the strongest signal you
can just have it on Wi-Fi the battery
savings mode which is good because I
don't like to leave my location turned
on I don't for multiple reasons one of
them it drains the battery but for
battery saving mode I'm fine with
leaving it on and you must have it on to
switch between devices
if you run Y fly or Wi-Fi manager and
you don't have location it will not
switch to the best signal now the other
app was something I already had on my
phone and it's called a Wi-Fi manager
and it looks like this now within that
Wi-Fi manager app if you click on the
three dots in the top right and you go
to settings and you scroll a little ways
down there's a best network category and
you can click on switch - best network
and you can check it every one minute
current level there's a whole bunch of
different settings you can do which is
just like Wi-Fi so you
actually have to download that other
program and this will also automatically
switch to the best signal I never knew
this had this feature and I never had it
turned on and I never would have had let
my location turned on but once I did it
started switching so this is great I can
walk to one end of the my house and it
will connect to the strongest signal
there I can go in the basement it will
connect to the strongest signal there so
it's not like before where I might be
sitting right next to a wireless device
and I'm getting one bar from the other
end of the house because I connected to
that one first now it will automatically
switch so a lot of people say your phone
won't do it and it won't on its own but
with these two things turning on your
location battery saving mode Wi-Fi mode
and running one of these two apps Wi-Fi
manager or wife lie and turning it on
and having it run and you will
automatically connect to the strongest
signal so I hope this helps I hope it
alleviates problems I know I've had and
I everything I read said you it couldn't
be done but it turns out it can and it
does work so let me know if this helps

Culligan Water Filter Review - Whole House Filter

Culligan Water Filter Review and Change

We installed the Culligan 4.5x10 inch whole house filter for all the water entering our house.  Actually we have 4 filters, 2 of them being this kind.  In the two Culligan filters i have installed a 20 micron and 5 micron filter.  They work very well at removing the iron/rust.
culligan water filter review, how to, install

They work so well that the 20 micron filter (left) has to be changed monthly.
rust in water, iron in water, remove, filter, how to

After shutting off the water valves, pushing the red button on top of the filter to drain the water, the clear casing can be unscrewed and the old filter removed.

Here you can see how much rust we have in our water.
filter rust from water, filter iron from water

It goes from white to brown in a month.
rust in well water, well water filter, whole house filter

Before installing the new filter it's important to add food-safe lubricant to the O-ring.  Otherwise there can be leaks.
o ring lubricant, water filter

Overall this is a great water filter for around $60.  It is well built, handles a large amount of water flow, and the clear housing lets you see when the filter needs to be changed.  I'm really glad i went with this one over the $25 DuPont filter.
filter size, culligan, change, dupont

Transcript from Video:
so today I wanted to go over this
culligan water filter why I bought this
particular one and how to change the
actual filter cartridge now this is a
culligan WH - HD 2
memorable name but there's a couple
reasons why I bought it
I like the size of this cartridge it's
for a ten by four and a half cartridge
that looks like this um another popular
filter you could have bought is I think
it's made by DuPont it's blue it's a
little bit cheaper but I really like
this one this was $5
ones 2
and as you can see we have rust in our
water and I like to be able to see when
I need to change your filter this one
looks pretty good this one's ready to be
changed real quickly the filter system I
set up I did a video on it earlier real
quickly the water system we have set up
here we have a well and we have arsenic
in our water a small amount but this
will not get rid of the arsenic we need
a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of
that but we also have some other
particles including an iron which turns
to rust as you can see here I have a 1
a 5 filter that out
these two are the iSpring filters that
are blow offs you just open the valve
and they blow out right off now as far
as these filter units themselves they're
a lot bigger than I thought they were
gonna be when I bought them and they're
really nice and sturdy I thought this
was gonna be a thin plastic or this was
gonna be kind of cheap plastic it's
pretty well built it's nice and solid
I'm not worried about it breaking once
minor concern was where you're putting
the fittings in you're screwing the
brass fittings in are plastic it's not
super reliable looking but I haven't had
any issues so far but they're definitely
well-built so today you can see this one
is full of rust this is where I have a
2 up I'm gonna change it our iron in our
house is really bad this has been not
quite two months and it's gotten to this
point so because of that you don't just
buy one filter you have to buy a whole
to get a good deal if you buy one of
these filters you can get them for 1
2 it averages out to under $7 a filter
again these can use any 1
a half inch diameter filter there's a
whole bunch there's the accordion style
filter there's ones that are woven wire
there's carbon filters so the good thing
about these is you can use them for any
situation you want you buy this one
filter unit you could put a 5 micron a
2 these can fit any insert you want to put
in there right now you can see I have
two in here this is a 5 micron with a
different housing and this is the the 2
micron so I'm gonna change the 2
right now so the way I do with my system
is first I close the water coming in at
one end and the other so now this is
closed and now I don't have to but I
would open this so now there's still
water to the house
it's just bypassing all these filters so
now there's no water getting to any of
these valves I can open up this valve to
let off the pressure but just so you
know if you don't have this unit there's
a blow-off valve a red button on the
tops of these units what I like to do is
put a towel on it and push the button
and right now it just got soaked with
water so the pressure is now removed
from this filter and you can check that
if you don't have this I can open up
this valve and I can see that no water's
coming out next you get one of your big
wrenches and it's a little bit tricky
you have to remember it's lefty loosy
but you're looking from the top so it's
actually so you just slide your wrench
up on the filter cartridge and it's
secured to the wall with this big
bracket you don't just want to have it
hanging yeah oh and these can be really stuck on
there with all the pressure and the
filter and also you're gonna want plenty
of rags and I have a big bucket under
here to catch the water because this is
full of water right see house unscrew it
and water will start to pour out like
that also water is pouring out because it's
coming out of this whole system right
now and pull it down and now you can see
this character just pretty well spent
it's around rust all the way through
next pour that out and I'm not going to
clean this one because it looks pretty
clean if it's really bad sometimes rust
could get out here and I'll give this a
good wipe to get all this out but one
thing you have to be pay extra attention
to is this gasket up here at the top you
don't want it to I could see it's gotten
a little bit bigger than the fitting you
want to put a lot of grease on this and
good thing is I can still see grease on
it from the last time I did this and the
grease you want to use is something like
this it says food grade or non-toxic
spend a couple hours since I just shot
that last clip and that was because I
was trying to get this o-ring to fit
back in this groove when I took it out I
noticed it was a little boat and I tried
some different things well I tried one
thing and that was to freeze it I put it
in the freezer for two hours and I came
back and it still doesn't fit so that's
why it's always good to have a bunch of
oring backups that also fit now I'm
gonna try to get this to fit I'm gonna
try to put it back up in here if it
doesn't fit tightly which it doesn't
right now it's kind of bowed out you can
see at the top there's a big bow in it
I'll use another oring another technique
they said you could use a heat gun or
try boiling it I'm not going to go
through all that trouble yet I'm gonna
try to get it in there um but first you
do have to use this lubricant too
because that oring needs to be a
floating oring it shouldn't just be
sitting in there it needs to freely move
and not get pinched when you seat it so
I like to use a lot of this uh lubricant
jelly put it down here so that it okay
so I put a quite a bit of the lubricant
on the whole ring then I take the new
filter and I put it down in the coverage
there's a little bump that sticks up
there if it's right in the center and
now you have to thread this back up in
there and making sure that this hole
lines up with the inlet hole on the
filter and I'm also gonna try to get
this o-ring to fit in there to be
pressed back into place if it doesn't
work on though because it will start
leaking pretty tight one little cinch
with this there we go
should be all installed back I'm gonna
turn the water on now
let's turn the bypass off slowly turn
the mainline back on we should see it go
yeah now we'll know if it leaks or not
okay the water is back on I opened up
the filter line and the outlet line I
don't see any leaks I don't feel any
leaks that should be it another thing is
if you don't have shut offs like I have
where I can shut the water off there is
you can turn this and you can go to
bypass you can bypass this and it will
not leak out so you just turn this blue
ring to bypass on here and water won't
come out also after you reinstall the
filter it's a good idea to push this red
button to let out any air because air is
trapped up here you can see water shoots
out so that gets any air out of the
system but overall I'm really happy with
these culligan filters are super sturdy
I haven't had an issue knocking on wood
again they're they're a little bit
plasticky the fittings plastic it takes
a big fitting the big 1 inch fitting but
overall they've held up great I can see
right in when the filters dirty I can
see if I have how the rust is if it's
ready to be changed but I'm really happy
with the system I have overall these are
much more convenient when they're dirty
you just open it up close it all that
stuff is washed off but overall these
handle a lot more through the filter and
I haven't had an issue with flow into
the house some people might say oh you
add a filter you're gonna reduce your
pressure you're gonna reduce your
gallons per minute I haven't had an
issue I'm using 3/4 inch pipe the
fittings are one-inch coming in so I
haven't had an issue with flow through
the system at all I did just a
non-scientific test trying to fill up a
tub or a bucket up in the upstairs I
haven't had an issue with the flow so
overall I'm really happy with it how
they how these filters have worked so
far so let me know what you think