Las Vegas

Last week i flew to Las Vegas with Karrie and her mom. We stayed at Imperial Palace which is right in the center of the strip.
map of the las vegas strip, casinos on the main road, las vegas

The last time there i walked the whole time because it was 80 degrees. This time it was around 50 so we rode on the monorail. I never knew that Las Vegas had a monorail but it was great, you could make a 2 hour walk turn into a 10 minute monorail ride.

The first morning, while waiting for everyone to come down to breakfast, Karrie went to get a new players club card. They give you a book of coupons to use and one of them was half off breakfast. I signed up too and since i was getting a card for the first time i got $5 to use in their casino. I figured i would lose it in about 3 seconds.

We walked around a bit and Karrie said i could always try a slot machine. After playing for about 5 minutes i won $4, i was pretty happy. Still waiting for them to come down, Karrie suggested i try a one dollar Wheel of Fortune game.
wheel of fortune slot machine, las vegas, free money for signing up

After 4 spins i was down to the last dollar, but luckily the 3rd dial stopped on "Spin" which meant i got to spin the big wheel at the top. Karrie said "The least you'll win is $20." I was very happy about that because it would pay for breakfast. So i pressed spin and waited for it to land on the 20 or 30 or maybe even 35. It ended up landing on the $1000.
Spin the wheel, win 1000 dollars, wheel of fortune slot

how to win money at las vegas, slot machine, wheel of fortune, free spin

The good news was that i won a thousand dollars, the bad news was that Karrie said "way to go Dave, now you get to pay for everything we do for the rest of the trip." Rightfully so i guess.

how i won 1000 dollars at las vegas, first day, casino, slot

I would highly recommend winning a thousand dollars your first morning in Las Vegas. It makes the trip more fun knowing that you are coming home with more then you left with.

Besides winning hundreds of dollars there's a lot of other stuff we all did. We went to see the Price is Right Live show. It was fun, there was around 300 people in the crowd and they called about 50 names in total. They didn't have as good of prizes as the real show that John and I went to but it was still pretty good.

With the monorail passes we went to MGM, Slots of Fun and lots of places in between. We also rode the roller coaster at New York. I was planning on taking pictures during the ride but just as we were about to go up the first big hill the ride stopped and they came out and took my camera away. It was a good thing they did because i would have probably dropped it. The ride was way faster then it looked. I was holding on with both hands the entire ride. It was a lot of fun.
las vegas casino, new york, roller coaster, MGM, lion

The last day we went up in the Eiffel Tower at the Paris casino. We happen to be there at 5pm and got to see the fountains at the Bellagio.
bellagio fountain, from the eiffel tower, paris casino

View to the south.
view of the strip from the eiffel tower, las vegas, south, ph, planet hollywood

View to the north.
view of the strip from the eiffel tower, las vegas, north, ballys

View out of our hotel room.
view from our las vegas hotel room, mountains, casino, strip

The Venetian hotel.
the river at the venetian casino and hotel, treasure island

the venetian casino and hotel, detail, las vegas

the venetian casino and hotel, detail, las vegas

View north from New York.
las vegas strip at night, cars, lights, casino, night life

A typical visitor to Las Vegas.
typical visitor of las vegas casino

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